Two weeks to go and we are eagerly looking forward to what might turn out to be the most fiercely contested English Premier
League campaign we’ve witnessed in the past few years… Arsenal look good enough to challenge for the EPL crown as well!

Last season turned into a two way fight fairly early as the two Manchester clubs bolted towards the finishing line, leaving the
London clubs fighting to claim the third & fourth spots. The glaring 19 point difference between the Manchester teams and
Arsenal – who finished third – was a grim pointer of how the other clubs failed to challenge the might of the Manchester teams.

This season promises to be a whole new story altogether, with all the top clubs having a busy summer, a host of talented players
being bought in already, and the transfer window showing no signs of stopping or slowing down. With new players still to come in,
one can expect a barrage of goals, fantastic football and an array of stars giving their best shot to be crowned the best in the
business in the EPL.

Which poses a wonderful problem to fans of the Fantasy Premier League – whom to pick for the next season’s campaign?

This year promises to have a major showdown between the EPL veterans, the regulars who’ve waited for their chance to shine,
the recently promoted teams who want to show the world they too belong in the top flight of English football – and the newly
arrived players who will fight it to out to earn their stripes in the English league.

As DesiEPLFantasyManager, i want to help you pick the right team that has the best possible balance of talent, skill, experience
and dynamism – while keeping an eye on the 100million budget we’ve been allocated.

Of course, we can’t fill the entire team with the top billed players of the game. So the need arises to select players from some
of the smaller teams to stay within the budget. But randomly selecting an under-performing player you’ve never heard about
before might just do you more harm than help. At the same time, better knowledge of the game means you can a pick up a lower
rated player who might just end up scoring most points than the superstars.

This is where i hope to be of assistance. To help identify the hidden gems of the EPL, to analyze patterns and performances, to
figure out who could be best players to pick. It’s fairly easy to do so with a quick glance at the headlines across newspapers, but
i hope to condense the large amount of information and present it in a single platform. And it’ll give me an opportunity to air my
opinions about the state of EPL to boot! i hope we can debate/discuss about the same, and help each other build a better team
as the season unfolds.

But what fun is a game without a few rules? i have some self imposed boundaries. i realize i don’t have to impose them, even on
me, least of all on you.

if you didn’t know already, i’m an Gooner. Hence, i loath most of the Manchester City players. i’ve (largely) stopped loathing
Chelsea players because these days they have fairly justified their transfer salaries, or moved away. Liverpool splurged silly
money last season, but sense has finally prevailed. Man. Utd. complain that City pay “silly money” yet forget they regularly spend
over 20 million pounds for average players.

Arsenal, one of the richest clubs in the world, don’t and are derided for not “breaking the bank”.

Everton & Newcastle United are great clubs, but suffer because they cannot participate in this false economy.

Also, i don’t have a problem with most of Tottenham Hotspurs players either (anathema for a Gooner otherwise!!)

Fulham & Swansea had impressive outings last season, but with major departures (some confirmed, some pending), will probably
struggle to repeat their success.

Reading, QPR, Norwich City have made well thought out re-inforcements over the summer and will be looking forward to better
last season’s performances.

Aston Villa and Wigan Athletic survived relegation battles, and will hope to churn out much better performances.

Norwich City, Stoke, Sunderland will aim to punch above their weight and finish higher in the table.

Newly promoted teams Southampton, West Ham Utd., West Bromwich Albion have exciting players waiting for a chance to shine
on the EPL stage.

My personal distaste will not come in the way of recommending the purchase of players, but i will certainly try my best to avoid
the likes of those who are valued much higher than their real worth. I will actively strive to bring to your attention, players from
the smaller teams, who are under appreciated (financially and otherwise) and hope they bring in great dividends for the faith

Each week, i will chronicle the games that took place the last Gameweek, and identify the star performers and the flops as well.
I will recommend players for the “Free Transfer”, trying to come up with suitable suggestions across the price bands.

This will be a text heavy blog, and i won’t be posting and pictures or videos here. I will however, post links to interesting articles
i come across, and i hope you do as well.

i know already my posts will be long drawn, hope you are patient enough to read them completely!

i look forward to your comments, and will certainly consider your criticism and feedback – and try to improve as the season

Engaging you and your ideas/opinions will surely be the highlight of my posts.

i hope this begins a new, exciting chapter in my life and i look forward to your active participation in the same!