Yet another brilliant pozt from the ever classy P.I.M.P…

Poznan In My Pants

Today I launch my “Agony Aunt Day”: As part of a new series I created because I have been deluged by questions that I receive from Twitter followers and comments on my blog, I have decided to use these questions as “teachable moments” for the rest of my followers.

So, as the first in this 0n-going series, here is a letter I received from “Perplexed of Islington:”

Dear Poznan In My Pants,

I have admired you for many, many years. Your wisdom inspires me every day. You are a visionary, a man before your time.

It is for these and many other reasons that I came to you with my perplexing dilemma which is tearing me apart:

The Black Scarf Movement is having a march. I am very conflicted. I don’t know if I should march with them. Should I march with them?

If I march, then people will think I fully…

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