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The GOONER boy

Going into the game we were the firm favorites having lifted the goal floodgates in the previous weeks and 7 of our players on score-sheet during the interlull. Confidence was sky-high and either a very poor arsenal performance or an absolutely brilliant Watford performance would manage to topple that confidence.

The game was really an affair of two halves. We started the game sharply but for some reason we were slow in rotating the ball and in decision-making, couple that with a very physical, well-organized and spirited Watford team you get a very open game. Both the sides had very good chances; Rambo should have scored but skewed his shot over the crossbar, he had more time than maybe he realized. And it took a last-ditch brilliant interception from Kos to keep the score nil all at the first half whistle.

Many of our stars were very quiet – Theo…

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Arsenal 4 – 0 Villa : Champions ratings.

The GOONER boy

So I planned for something different for the player ratings, instead of my views, I instead contacted many gooners across India and also interviewed aprox. 30 gooners & goonerettes at the screening to get their opinions. I have listed the best quotes from them.

 He knew the whole world was looking at him, waiting for a mistake to pounce on. Calmest performance in years. Sudhir (
He commanded his area like a mother dragon protecting its eggs, swooping in on any crosses that came his way Rohan
An FA cup first choice this season had a gala time throughout the game with some clean collections on Villa’s crosses. Given the nod ahead of regular Premier League goalkeeper David Ospina, this was a stress-free afternoon for the Poland international Najeeb
 Had a great game with barely any defensive worries. Almost conceded a penalty. Sudhir (
Love his…

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand  I EXHALE!!……!!!!!

Finally, i’m back from my deep, deep slumber!!

Months and months after the last FPL Gameweek post, a bad case of fever and taking the day off is what gets me back here – hopefully for good!!

It was painful to stay away – but i reckon one has to simply make time for ones’ passion, ehh?!

So with further nostalgic mush-mush; let me dive right in the Predictions for Gameweek 3!

Straight off – the match to look out for is the first game this weekend – Manchester City welcome newcomers Hull City at the Etihad..

The Sky Blues will be smarting from their shock defeat to new boys Cardiff City – and will look to hammer in a few goals and target a clean sheet – especially after Manuel Pelligrini’s comments that Joe Hart can’t take his place as City #1 goal keeper for granted.

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Visit to discover Indian blogs

Visit to discover Indian blogs

Yet another brilliant pozt from the ever classy P.I.M.P…

Poznan In My Pants

Today I launch my “Agony Aunt Day”: As part of a new series I created because I have been deluged by questions that I receive from Twitter followers and comments on my blog, I have decided to use these questions as “teachable moments” for the rest of my followers.

So, as the first in this 0n-going series, here is a letter I received from “Perplexed of Islington:”

Dear Poznan In My Pants,

I have admired you for many, many years. Your wisdom inspires me every day. You are a visionary, a man before your time.

It is for these and many other reasons that I came to you with my perplexing dilemma which is tearing me apart:

The Black Scarf Movement is having a march. I am very conflicted. I don’t know if I should march with them. Should I march with them?

If I march, then people will think I fully…

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