Hi, and thank you for coming here to look up DesiEPLFantasyManager.

i have always wanted to write – about football especially – but i lacked a focal point to work around..

Throw a rock in a crowded room and you’ll surely hit a football writer these days! i felt the need to have a new dimension to my writings and i seem to have found my niche…

The idea behind DesiEPLFantasyManager is simple – i will participate in the Official Fantasy Premier League competition (http://fantasy.premierleague.com) and post my views about the team i’ve chosen (DesiEPLFantasyTeam) and also share my views on the English Premier League.

i hope i can provide viable insights and opinions about the players in the EPL and why you should select them in your Fantasy Team.

i hope that my opinions & selections are reflected in the points i earn along the way – and that they will serve as a yardstick to quantitatively assess my effectiveness.

i harbor no allusions of winning the Fantasy Premier League this year – but i will consider it absolutely essential to be as close to the League leader as possible.

i hope to win at least the Classic League i’ve set up – and will participate in – with my mates!

I’m an Arsenal fan and a staunch supporter of Arsene Wenger. We are facing a trophy drought that has lasted 7 years, but i still feel there is no other person who can do a better job at the Emirates than Le Professeur.

i will elaborate on most of my views & philosophies in my initials posts.

Here’s looking forward to a great season ahead!

DesiEPLFantasyManager – Sudhir Ramakrishnan

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